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Study of injectable PrEP reports the best efficacy seen yet for any form of PrEP in women

HPTN 084 study finds significantly lower adherence in women taking daily PrEP pills A second study of an injectable HIV drug used to prevent HIV has had its randomised phase stopped early after it became clear that giving women a two-monthly injection of a prevention drug resulted in nearly nine times fewer infections than giving… Read More »

Nearly 100,000 people in England catching Covid-19 every day, ‘worrying’ Government-led study finds

Nearly 100,000 people in England are catching Covid-19 every day, the R rate in London is almost THREE – and one in 75 Brits are currently infectious, new Imperial study finds REACT-1 study led by Imperial College London estimates there are currently 96,000 new daily infections  Researchers said cases just weeks away from levels seen… Read More »

Taking antibiotics is just as effective for appendicitis as having an operation, major study finds

Having your appendix removed could become a thing of the past because 70% of patients given antibiotics don’t need the operation, major study finds US trial split 1,500 patients with appendicitis into two treatment groups They rated their health equally a month after having either antibiotics or surgery But of those who took antibiotics, 70… Read More »

Doodling Can Help Boost Your Happiness [STUDY]

According to a study, the reward pathways of your brain activate when performing art creation activities such as doodling.[1] Researchers made use of fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) technology for measuring blood flow in the regions of the brain associated with rewards while individuals who participated in the study completed various art creation projects. This demonstrates… Read More »