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Vaccines should end the pandemic, despite the variants, say experts

A Harvard immunologist said current vaccines appear to be effective enough to end the pandemic, despite growing concerns that more infectious COVID-19 variants would severely blunt the effectiveness of the preventative treatments and set the nation back in its fight against the disease. Galit Alter, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Ragon… Read More »

Psychology in dentistry: Why should you care? – DentistryIQ

Growing a dental practice is more difficult than it has ever been. With increased competition, lower reimbursements from insurance companies, and the overall changing medical climate, dentists need to work smarter to remain successful, particularly in the private sector.1 An area that is largely overlooked in the dental community is the sensory experience of the… Read More »

Why You Should be Eating With The Seasons

When the words “western diet” are spoken, what does this phrase evoke? Like most people, images of greasy pizza, hamburgers, and chicken wings start dancing in your head. And while there’s nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in this sort of fare, there’s a reason that comfort foods like these are not associated with good health… Read More »