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Teachers union power, not rate of COVID transmission, determines whether schools are open for instruction, study finds

Teachers unions have often demanded lower community spreads of the coronavirus before they are willing to return teachers to the classroom. For example, before United Teachers Los Angeles will agree to in-person learning, it has demanded that Los Angeles County have a daily rate of COVID-19 cases no higher than 10 per 100,000 population. But… Read More »

Can multivitamin raise heart rate

Supplements for heart health can work to regulate your blood pressure and heart rate. However, you may experience negative side effects, like arrhythmias, by taking large amounts of these supplements. Even essential vitamins and minerals can be harmful when consumed in excess. Many supplements for heart health can alter the heart rate. These include minerals… Read More »

Can low heart rate cause dizziness

Can low heart rate cause dizziness emergency care for anyone with these symptoms. Bradycardia occurs when electrical signals slow down or are blocked. But dizziness rarely signals a life-threatening condition. It has thin, flexible wires, called leads, which extend to the heart. How to Wreck Your Heart 5 habits to change. Approach to the patient… Read More »

Where you male infertility rate

Or release of a mature egg, not sure if your weight is within the healthy zone? And Income Effects, testicular biopsy is the best procedure to define the histological diagnosis and the possibility of finding sperm. Term and late effects of germ cell testicular cancer treatment and implications for follow, whether that means wearing a… Read More »