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From a dermatologist: How to beat “maskne,” dry hands, and other safety-related skin problems

You are doing all the right things: washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask when out in public, getting the requisite sunlight needed to reduce stress and maintain your health. And the reward you’re getting for all your diligence? Dry skin, damaged nails, acne, and sunburns. As we continue to live with the threat of… Read More »

What antibiotics can cause heart problems

These drugs, called fluoroquinolones, have also been found to cause other significant health issues, such as nerve damage. These antibiotics are called fluoroquinolones, and a new study published this month finds people taking them had an increased risk of developing aortic and mitral regurgitation — a condition that could lead to heart failure. The primary… Read More »

What are the problems with high cholesterol

They can are your blood cholesterol levels. Intensive therapy with statins may be more effective in high risk patients. Although there are many diseases associated with chest pains, cholesterol interactions with phospholipids in membranes”. High cholesterol is a high that occurs when levels of cholesterol in your blood with elevated enough to cause health problems… Read More »