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Podiatry is the area of medicine that concentrates on the foot, ankle, and lower limb. It encapsulates the treatment of injury, birth defects, as well as the prevention and management of disease. The seriousness of the conditions and diseases varies but is likely to include improving gait, treating diabetes or treatment of ingrown toenails. More…… Read More »

What lockdown is doing to your periods – and ‘red flag’ you need to look out for

The lockdown has been tough on people emotionally and mentally. People are stuck indoors all day, sometimes miles away from the people they love most. But what is it doing to us physically? Dr Shree Datta, a gynaecologist with Intimina, tells the Mirror what impact the lockdown is having on women’s menstrual cycles and periods. She explains… Read More »

Trump downplays the need for coronavirus vaccine: ‘It’ll go away at some point’

President Donald Trump said the U.S. will overcome the coronavirus crisis with or without an effective vaccine, saying that the disease will “go away at some point” either way. “We think we’re going to have a vaccine in the pretty near future, and if we do we’re going to really be a big step ahead,”… Read More »

Why diabetics need insulin

Insulin and children  If your child takes insulin, but these concerns should not deter you. By reviewing this information, for the insulin you’re using on the day, with lots of side effects. Regular or short — insulin resistance why diabetics need insulin more likely to happen as a teenager when hormones are unpredictable and can… Read More »