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More intensive care ambulances for NSW

Some 50 new intensive care ambulances will be rolled out across regional NSW in a bid to save more patients who live hundreds of kilometres from their nearest major hospital. The new $ 11.7 million fleet of special ambulances, equipped with upgraded defibrillators, video laryngoscopes and mechanical CPR devices, joins 35 of the vehicles already… Read More »

UK: Black people less likely to be engaged in HIV care, with more cases of viral rebound

There are ethnic disparities in relation to two key indicators of the quality of HIV care, but there are no differences in viral suppression within a year of starting treatment, Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan told the virtual British HIV Association (BHIVA) conference yesterday. Although the differences are not large, dealing with them is necessary if the… Read More »

Preventive approaches to containing COVID-19 more effective than reactionary methods

Which is more important in the initial phase of a pandemic: taking precautionary actions or responding to its severity? That is the question that researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design set out to address in an article published in BioEssays. The authors explored and reported on the various strategies undertaken by the… Read More »

Roundup: NHS COVID-19 app shows phantom alerts, digital interventions for children’s mental health and more briefs

NHS COVID APP SHOWS PHANTOM ALERT Users have complained of ‘scary and confusing’ pop up alerts from the NHS COVID-19 app, suggesting exposure to the virus and then disappearing. The messages read: “Possible COVID-19 exposure. Someone you were near reported having COVID-19. Exposure date, duration and signal strength have been saved.” It was later revealed that… Read More »