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TetroGen Review: Real Day and Night Weight Loss Fat Burners? – South Whidbey Record

Losing weight has become one of the most trending topics in magazines, newspapers, and TV programs, more important because people are scared of being overweight, also known as obesophobia. The cause of obesity can be linked to many factors like health issues, weight stigma, and perfectionism, among others. As much as the weight loss industry… Read More »

How Weight Loss Can Help Reduce Sleep Apnea?

Healthy adults need at least seven hours of sleep daily[1] for optimal health. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can disrupt a healthy sleep cycle. It also increases your risk[2] of depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. So how weight loss reduce sleep apnea? Weight loss may help you manage… Read More »

PrEP Programs Face Devastating Loss of Funding for HIV Prevention

HIV clinics and nonprofits serving those at highest risk for the virus stand to lose over $ 100 million in funding annually, reports NBC News. That’s because, effective January 2022, pharma giant Gilead Sciences, which manufactures several blockbuster HIV treatments, is ending a reimbursement system that helps finance the clinics. Counterintuitively, the recent availability of… Read More »

Proven Reviews 2021 – Nutravesta Legit Weight Loss Pills Or A Scam?

Proven Doctor recommended Helps support your weight loss goals and the body’s natural ability to stay healthy Uses clinically-supported technologies All-natural formula Powerful antioxidants ingredients that help to support a healthy heart Has no synthetic fillers or binders 60-day, totally risk-free, money-back guarantee Improves energetic well-being, combating fatigue, and increasing vitality 50% Off When Buying… Read More »

Are you compensating for your loved one’s hearing loss?

If your loved one has untreated hearing loss and you find yourself constantly having to “translate” (explaining to them what they misheard), you may be compensating for them. Although you’re trying to be helpful, in the long run, compensating can be harmful to both of you. Compensating for your partner’s hearing loss can be mentally draining. “When it… Read More »