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Genetic privacy: We must learn from the story of Henrietta Lacks

By Maninder Ahluwalia A street mural memorial to Henrietta Lacks in Oak Park, Illinois MedSci / Alamy Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Henrietta Lacks, commonly referred to as “the mother of modern medicine”. Her cells have been used in experiments in laboratories around the world but were cultivated without her consent.… Read More »

What We Can Learn From European Dog Culture

When I traveled in Europe, specifically England, Germany, France and the Netherlands, I noticed an intense difference in the way dogs were treated and integrated into society compared to the United States. Quite simply, dogs were everywhere: restaurants and buses and performance venues and countless other places. This is obviously not the case in the… Read More »

Who should diuretics learn

If urine flow rate or ceases entirely, infusion should be stopped. I will monitor my glucose who should diuretics learn closely because this medication may mask symptoms of hypoglycemia. Osmotic diuretics pass through the glomerulus, increasing the osmotic pressure of the filtrate, thus reducing the amount of water normally reabsorbed by the tubules and loop… Read More »