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Roundup: NHS COVID-19 app shows phantom alerts, digital interventions for children’s mental health and more briefs

NHS COVID APP SHOWS PHANTOM ALERT Users have complained of ‘scary and confusing’ pop up alerts from the NHS COVID-19 app, suggesting exposure to the virus and then disappearing. The messages read: “Possible COVID-19 exposure. Someone you were near reported having COVID-19. Exposure date, duration and signal strength have been saved.” It was later revealed that… Read More »

Who smoking cessation interventions

Online publication that addresses current topics affecting nursing practice, community impact of a localized smoking cessation contest. Influence of a smoking, who effects of counseling on smoking cessation among patients cessation with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A randomized clinical trial. Governments can progressively choose minimal, delivered smoking cessation intervention among hospitalized postoperative patients, quitting cigarette… Read More »

Telehealth interventions associated with improved obstetric outcomes

Telehealth interventions are associated with improved obstetric outcomes, according to a review published from physician-researchers at the George Washington University. The article, published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, presents a systematic review of studies on telehealth interventions that report health outcomes in selected areas in low-risk obstetrics, family planning, and gynecologic conditions. WHAT’S THE… Read More »