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HIV is an independent risk factor for smoking-related cancers, especially in women

New research provides compelling evidence that infection with HIV is an independent risk factor for developing smoking-related cancers. Published in AIDS, the study’s findings are especially important because they compared cancer-risk between closely-matched individuals with and without HIV who were enrolled in long-standing cohort studies. Women with HIV appeared to have an especially high risk… Read More »

UK fibre rollout boost reflective of independent network investment and positive policy approach, says INCA

UK one of five of the fastest growing markets in Europe for fibre rollout 1.4 million additional homes connected, up 50% from previous year Networks standards body commends independent sector for improvements to UK’s infrastructure London, UK, and Brussels, Belgium, April 24, 2020 – The UK’s independent network sector has been praised for its significant… Read More »

Independent pharmacy in Minneapolis hopes to beat the odds – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Elias Usso did something almost unheard of in today’s pharmacy world. He opened an independent pharmacy in Minneapolis at a time when large corporate chains control most of the market. He wants to care for patients in a way that pharmacists at corporate locations can’t because of production quotas and high volume. “Being a pharmacist… Read More »