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People with HIV at higher risk of hospitalisation and death from COVID-19, New York study finds

People with HIV were more likely to be admitted to hospital with COVID-19 and more likely to die in hospital due to COVID-19 than people without HIV, and people with more advanced HIV disease or unsuppressed viral load were more likely than other people with HIV to be hospitalised, a review of surveillance data in… Read More »

Nearly 100,000 people in England catching Covid-19 every day, ‘worrying’ Government-led study finds

Nearly 100,000 people in England are catching Covid-19 every day, the R rate in London is almost THREE – and one in 75 Brits are currently infectious, new Imperial study finds REACT-1 study led by Imperial College London estimates there are currently 96,000 new daily infections  Researchers said cases just weeks away from levels seen… Read More »

Taking antibiotics is just as effective for appendicitis as having an operation, major study finds

Having your appendix removed could become a thing of the past because 70% of patients given antibiotics don’t need the operation, major study finds US trial split 1,500 patients with appendicitis into two treatment groups They rated their health equally a month after having either antibiotics or surgery But of those who took antibiotics, 70… Read More »