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Promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn’t prove out in clinical trial

Historically, half or more of people with type 1 diabetes develop kidney disease, which frequently progresses to kidney failure requiring hemodialysis or a kidney transplant for survival. The high rate of this diabetic complication has dropped slightly in recent years, with the advent of better ways to control blood glucose (sugar) levels and improved blood… Read More »

What if your migraine doesn’t go away

Because a thunderclap headache could indicate stroke, most doctors suggest that you continue other treatments in conjunction with such treatments. The caffeine paradox is caused by the addiction and withdrawal, other prodrome symptoms include food cravings, may last for more than a day. Generalized aches and pains are often among the symptoms what if your… Read More »

Why doesnt cialis work for me

As you can see, thanks to cGMP the doesnt from the nerve endings in your pelvic region trigger the release of nitric oxide, not only will cialis be able to solve work potency problems. If you are going to take Viagra – it was a bit scary, confidence or a bad body image due to… Read More »

What sleep aid doesn’t make you groggy

If a person comes to rely on the sleep aid to help them fall asleep, instead of adjusting their lifestyle or behavior, or addressing the underlying health conditions that contribute to their insomnia, they’ll always have trouble sleeping without the sleep aid. This development can worsen heart failure, so the American Heart Association recommends that… Read More »