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Virus surge claims brightest minds at Indian universities

SRINAGAR, India — Sajad Hassan sat at his professor’s hospital bedside for three nights, doing most of the talking as his friend and mentor breathed through an oxygen mask and struggled with a suspected COVID-19 infection. Both were confident the 48-year-old academic would be heading home soon, until a coronavirus test came back positive and… Read More »

Veterans Affairs to reconsider Agent Orange claims for certain Vietnam veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs will automatically reconsider Agent Orange benefits claims for certain Vietnam veterans that were previously denied. Those who served in the offshore waters of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, also known as “Blue Water veterans,” were previously denied compensation for Agent Orange exposure. After numerous court filings, the veterans were finally… Read More »

Despite Claims, Trump Rarely Uses Wartime Law in Battle Against Covid

As schools reopen and cold weather heightens the likelihood of a spike in coronavirus cases, nurses and doctors fear that shortages of the respirator masks, surgical gowns and disposable gloves needed to shield them from infection will return with a vengeance. President Trump has sweeping powers to compel companies to produce protective gear and to… Read More »

Daily Dozen meal plan diet claims to help you live longer and is easy to follow

The Daily Dozen is an eating plan that maximises the consumption of fruit, veg, beans, wholegrains and nuts, and minimises the intake of meat, dairy, eggs and processed foods. Originally published in a book called How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger, the diet might not make you immortal, but evidence suggests it could… Read More »