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Diet myths debunked: No, eggs will not necessarily increase your cholesterol – PhillyVoice.com

When it comes to what we eat, social media has thousands of posts that want to steer your judgement. One positive diet post, in a nanosecond, can convince someone to cut out gluten or dairy or meat or even an entire food group. Is the advice on your smartphone valid? Just because it’s a smartphone… Read More »

How to reduce cholesterol yoga

Heart attack? In most cases high cholesterol is a warning signal. Cholesterol is an oil based substance that is found in the cells in your body. You actually need cholesterol — to aid digestion; and to make hormones and Vitamin D. Cholesterol also contributes to the structure of cell walls. Your blood moves the cholesterol… Read More »

Can dehydration skew a cholesterol test

Diet therapy is considered the cornerstone of cholesterol-controlling therapy. Dowshen, S. I have been on a Statin for twenty years due to an inherited condition, with absolutely no side effects but have my blood checked regularly anyway. Doctors recommend that people check their sweat rate during different parts of the year. Skip to main content.… Read More »

Where is synthesis of cholesterol

New fatty acid is formed by condensation between the acetyl-S-Cys, contained on the enzyme 3- ketoacyl synthase and the malonyl-S-ACP to form acetoacetyl-S-ACP with the help of the same enzyme 3-ketoacyl synthase. By slowing the rate of the rate-limiting step, statins decrease the overall rate of cholesterol synthesis. Dietary application of sitosterol or other plant… Read More »

Can cholesterol levels get too low

On any matter relating to cholesterol health or well, people who have cardiovascular disease or are at higher risk of it may need their cholesterol and other risk can assessed more often. I recently saw on Facebook a sponsored healthy, while the nutrients, is your diet hurting your heart? So many individuals who are struggling… Read More »