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Heat and masks could cause more face irritation and acne – ABC17News.com

COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMIZ) A local dermatologist said on Saturday that hot and humid weather mixed with wearing masks could cause people to see more face acne and skin irritation.  Kara Braudis an MU Health Care Dermatologist said a lot of people are experiencing either skin irritation or flares of acne due to wearing a mask… Read More »

Will COVID-19 cause the end of private practice in medicine? | Expert Opinion – The Philadelphia Inquirer

This is a bittersweet prediction for me to make. I was in private practice for more than 20 years (with seven partners) before we sold our practice. The impetus for this decision was the changing reimbursement by Medicare and other insurances. There are benefits to being part of a large health system, such as enhanced… Read More »

What is the cause of relapse malaria

Introduction: Relapses are important contributors to illness and morbidity in Plasmodium vivax and P. Relapse prevention radical cure with primaquine is required for optimal management, control and ultimately elimination of Plasmodium vivax malaria. Areas covered: Hypnozoites causing relapses may be activated weeks or months after initial infection. Incidence and temporal patterns of relapse varies geographically.… Read More »