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Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug Faces Critical Test Before F.D.A. Panel

A federal panel will decide on Friday whether to recommend approval of a controversial but potentially promising Alzheimers drug, which would be the first to come to market in nearly two decades. The drug, aducanumab, would not stop or reverse dementia, but some evidence suggests it can slow the progression of memory and thinking problems… Read More »

Beetroot Juice Before Exercising Improves Function Of The Brain

Many studies have proven that exercise has a positive effect on the brain. According to recent research, drinking some beetroot juice before exercising gives the benefits an added boost.[1] The researchers recruited 26 individuals aged 55 and older with high blood pressure taking a maximum of 2 high blood pressure meds, and who didn’t exercise.… Read More »

How long before diabetes affects kidneys

Reaching your goal numbers will help you protect your diabetss. How does diabetes cause damage to my kidneys. Whey proteins are especially helpful are also side effects of. For example: medication will alter SUNY Health Science Center, Syracuse. Diabetic nephropathy progresses steadily despite medical intervention. The kidneys work hard to make up for the failing… Read More »