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An Alternate ‘Titanic’ Ending Has Been Revealed and Boy Did They Dodge a Bullet

We all know the ending of Titanic: 100-year-old Rose half-chuckles as she throws the priceless diamond off the edge of the ship. It’s meaningful and perfect to some, and extremely, maddeningly frustrating to others. I mean, come on. This entire salvage expedition hinged on the search for the Heart of the Ocean, and Rose not… Read More »

Lyme disease symptoms: The sign in your knees you may have been bitten by an infected tick

Lyme disease is typically found in infected deer ticks. Ticks are common in grassy areas throughout the whole of the UK, including Scotland. If you’ve been bitten by an infected insect, there’ll be a sign in your knee. The NHS notes that tick bites aren’t always painful so, sometimes, you don’t even know you’ve been… Read More »