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Pubs & Bars: Numbers of drinkers in the North East approaching Pre-Covid levels, while Londoners are staying away

Three weeks ago lockdown restrictions were further eased, and Bars & Pubs could reopen their doors across England. In a new landscape, with social distancing measures and undoubted long-term changes in customer behaviour, Purple’s is able to provide insight into the first few weeks of recovery using data analytics. By analysing data from our extensive… Read More »

Hundreds turned away at Qld border

Queenslanders rushing to return home from Victoria are being urged to contact health officials immediately if they are feeling unwell. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk believes only a small number of people will have flocked across the border from the southern state, but is demanding they do the right thing. “If you are sick you must contact… Read More »

Trump downplays the need for coronavirus vaccine: ‘It’ll go away at some point’

President Donald Trump said the U.S. will overcome the coronavirus crisis with or without an effective vaccine, saying that the disease will “go away at some point” either way. “We think we’re going to have a vaccine in the pretty near future, and if we do we’re going to really be a big step ahead,”… Read More »

Why should migraine go away

Test you sensitivity to the light by avoiding them for several days and then exposing yourself to them again. One exception is meningioma which is a benign tumor, brain which can progress slowly. Certain vascular or blood vessel abnormalities. As long as the pain has not made moving around unbearable for you, light aerobic exercise… Read More »