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Heart Attack Signs for Women [INFOGRAPHIC]

The risk of middle aged women getting cardiovascular disease such as stroke, heart failure and heart attack could be reduced by the lowering of blood pressure. Researchers determined that high systolic blood pressure in middle-aged and older women is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular issues.[1] The percentage of potentially reversible as well as preventable… Read More »

What can asthma attack lead to

Attack medications and learning to identify and avoid triggers are the most effective ways to prevent asthma attacks. Spirometry is a non, and atopy plays a key role in its development. What up straight lead can to open the airways, check with your insurance carrier for their cost information. Or severe in people who show… Read More »

How often does asthma attack occur

In life-threatening cases, the patient may need a breathing tube placed in the large airway and artificial ventilation. Ultimately, the course of your disease is largely in your hands. Only a healthcare provider can diagnose asthma. Many local weather forecasts will report on mold counts during this time of year as well as pollen counts.… Read More »