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Clinicians bracing for mental health impact amid reopening reversals

Many mental health experts have described clients’ increasing anxiety and depression amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, with many states pausing or rolling back reopenings, clinicians now worry about worsening episodes given mistrust, fear of the unknown and a perceived false sense of hope. A number of stressors are manifesting in people, Anisha Patel-Dunn, psychiatrist and chief medical… Read More »

Michael Hiltzik: Arizona rations healthcare amid COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

You may think that the coronavirus and COVID-19, the disease it causes, are frightening enough. But Arizona has just activated a rulebook for rationing hospital care that is truly terrifying. In brief, the rules allow hospitals to deny critical healthcare resources such as ventilators to patients based on medical judgments about their likelihood of living… Read More »

Killer Mike and T.I. lend assistance in Atlanta amid coronavirus pandemic

Killer Mike and T.I. (Credit: PAWKids) Killer Mike and T.I. hit the Atlanta streets Wednesday afternoon to give to those in need. The two rappers teamed up with PAWkids to feed 500 Atlanta residents. They also gave $ 500 in cash away to several family members who have been affected by the novel coronavirus.  Michael… Read More »

Another passenger rips American Airlines over crammed flight amid coronavirus

It was another American Airlines flight-mare. A Connecticut woman is the latest passenger to blast the carrier for what she described as a “packed” flight amid the coronavirus pandemic — despite assurances that all middle seats would be left empty, according to reports and video she posted of the ordeal. Krissy Maloney of Stamford arrived… Read More »