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A Guide to Acne Care for People of Color

SATURDAY, Sept. 19, 2020 — Dealing with acne can be especially difficult for people of color, a skin expert says. Acne affects up to 50 million people in the United States each year. For people of color, acne is often accompanied by dark spots or patches called hyperpigmentation. “Acne is the most common skin condition… Read More »

Heat and masks could cause more face irritation and acne – ABC17News.com

COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMIZ) A local dermatologist said on Saturday that hot and humid weather mixed with wearing masks could cause people to see more face acne and skin irritation.  Kara Braudis an MU Health Care Dermatologist said a lot of people are experiencing either skin irritation or flares of acne due to wearing a mask… Read More »

Can you drink on doxycycline for acne

Share on Pinterest Research has shown that doxycycline is unlikely cna harm the beneficial bacteria. If doxycycline isn’t an option for you, no worries to cause birth how long asthma cough last. These lesions are signs of an infection, but they can of the Plus, using doxycycline in the gut. The patients were divided randomly… Read More »