Man bursts into laughter during raunchy road rage incident

By | July 29, 2020

Friend or foe? They really don’t know.

Viral video footage of a heated dispute between a driver and a pedestrian takes a hilarious twist when one of the men’s insults comes out a little friendlier than intended.

“I will beat your f - - kin’ d - - k into the ground all day long,” the pedestrian, who’s dressed in a blue Oakley T-shirt, dark shorts and shimmering blue shades, yells at the motorist.

But instead of screaming back, the driver cheekily responds saying, “That’s kind of gay isn’t it?!”

The irate pedestrian then starts to repeat himself hollering, “I will beat your d - - k,” before realizing what he was actually saying.

The driver starts to crack up, and the instigator can’t help but to crack a smile himself.

So far, the 17-second clip had amassed over 2 million views, 236,000 likes and 63,000 retweets and comments as of Wednesday morning.

Many viewers also picked up on an uncanny similarity between the anonymous aggressor and famed Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar, also known as The Red Rocker, because of his wavy mid-length blond locks.

The pedestrian who launched a series of absurd insults at a driver.
The Sammy Hagar-lookalike pedestrian who launched a series of absurd insults at a driver.Jam Press

“Why is Sammy Hagar threatening people?” questioned one Twitter user.

“Man Sammy Hagar is PISSED!” another user chimed in.

But the funny clip was ripped from a longer video that shows even more of the profanity-laced altercation, which seemingly broke out in Missouri because the driver nearly hit the pedestrian who was walking in the street.

“You’re a c - - t and you know! Keep going!” the walker yells. “You’re a little punk ass bitch, go! And I will stomp your ass in the ground.”

The driver proceeds to explain that the hostile hooter looks middle-aged while he himself is only 20.

“You’re like 50 years old talking s - - t to a 20-year-old,” he says. “Do you feel like a man?”

The argument gets even more heated as the pedestrian demands that the driver get out of the car while screaming, “F - - k you! Get out!”

He later adds, “You ain’t got balls. Record that, you ain’t going viral when you got no nuts, bitch!”

The pedestrian then seems to walk away for good, when he returns for more. “Get out of the truck! Get out of the truck, little lady,” he yells.

“Nah, I’m good,” the man recording him replies, nearly giggling. The confrontation only gets sillier from there.

One Twitter user picked up on the duo’s chemistry.

“I feel like this was the start of a beautiful friendship,” they wrote. “As soon as he laughed, all the tension left the situation.”

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