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8 common men’s health issues to watch out for

Some men struggle to look after their mental and physical health, which may cause them to skip checkups and screenings that can ensure they live long, healthy lives. Men who don’t take the health of their mind and body seriously may develop serious health issues. The “medical gender gap” and its consequences are real, according to… Read More »

More than 30% of hospitals are near the “danger zone” of denial rates

Hospital claim denial rates have hit new highs, with a 20% increase in those rates over the past five years, suggesting that better claims denial management processes are necessary, finds a new survey from research firm Harmony Healthcare. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only made the trend worse, as 33% of hospital executives report average… Read More »

Virus surge claims brightest minds at Indian universities

SRINAGAR, India — Sajad Hassan sat at his professor’s hospital bedside for three nights, doing most of the talking as his friend and mentor breathed through an oxygen mask and struggled with a suspected COVID-19 infection. Both were confident the 48-year-old academic would be heading home soon, until a coronavirus test came back positive and… Read More »