5 Tips That Can Help You Undergo a Pelvic Exam Without Stress

By | June 12, 2020
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  • Published June 11, 2020
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Most women all over the world are not fond of gynecological check-ups especially when it comes to a pelvic examination. However, such a procedure is essential if you want to be aware of the condition of your reproductive organs. In most cases, it is impossible to diagnose a medical condition without additional tests and visual examinations. You should also understand that you ney need to undergo an ultrasound or Pap-smear if the gynecologist will suspect certain diseases.

Even if you understand the importance of the gynecological check-up, you may still experience fear and embarrassment before the first pelvic exam. It is quite understandable since you should show your intimate body parts to an unknown doctor. In order to help you cope with your fear, we gathered these five tips that can help you undergo a pelvic exam without stress.

  1. Maintain personal hygiene

Many young women are afraid to visit a gynecologist because they think about un unpleasant vaginal odor or discharge. However, you should understand that gynecologists meet a lot of women with different issues every day. Moreover, if the smell or discharge is the problem that makes you visit the doctor, it is recommended to avoid the hygienic procedures right before the check-up.

If your pelvic exam is not devoted to the health issues, it is better to take a shower before the procedure. If there is no possibility to maintain personal hygiene in a proper way, you can use special wet wipes that are designed for intimate hygiene.

  1. Write a list of complaints

If you feel nervous before the gynecological visit, you can make a list of complaints you want to discuss with the doctor. This will help you avoid a stressful situation in which you can simply forget why you made an appointment with the doctor. Take a list of paper and write down all the symptoms you experience. Don’t forget to take this list to the gynecologist in order not to miss some important issues.

  1. Visit a gynecologist for a consultation in advance

It may be quite difficult to undress in front of an unknown person (even in front of a doctor). In this case, you can make the first appointment with the gynecologist in order to get acquainted and discuss some issues that bother you. Such a conversation will help you to feel more comfortable during the next gynecological check-up. Moreover, this consultation can help a doctor to preliminarily evaluate your condition and ask you to perform certain additional tests. Anyway, this visit will make you feel more confident and less stressed in the future.

  1. Ask your family about the history of the diseases

In most cases, the family history of the disease can make your gynecologist make a more precise diagnosis. The reality is that most health issues are hereditary and may have similar manifestations in relatives. Moreover, many medical conditions that affect the reproductive system may have vague symptoms that can also complicate the diagnosis. If your doctor is aware of your family’s medical history, it would be easier for him or her to find out the underlying cause of your condition.

  1. Be sure to talk honestly about your sex life

The topic of sexual relations can be quite embarrassing especially if it is your first visit to the gynecologist. However, you should skip seemingly insignificant details as they can actually be a cause of your condition. If you experience pain during sex or suffer from a lack of lubrication, you should inform your doctor about these problems. The reality is that many serious diseases can manifest themselves through such symptoms. That’s why it is essential to be honest with your gynecologist.

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