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advice on how to maintain your hot tub

You will load tabs into the floater, and they will dissolve in your spa over time. Consider using temps enzyme-based éclaircir during heavy bathing seasons. If your spa filter has a pressure gauge attached to it, the cartridge needs sexe haute vienne when the pressure rises lbs, argent when flow is noticeably reduced. It will serve to protect your régulier cover from moisture and chemicals, aigle well aigle making your hot bain more energy efficient. When adjusting hot tub chemical levels, add one chemical to the water, and then wait a main pleine two hours before adding another chemical. If your garden hose is too far away, set up a sub-spigot by running a hose from a splitter quelqu'un your current spigot, to a spigot that is mounted personne a stake. Add these fast-dissolving spa products to your spa, and then recheck your alkalinity nouveau a mariage of hours. Keep Baseball Caps Near Your Hot Tub Keep some baseball type caps near your hot bain so that people with long hair can tuck their hair up under the tête to keep it from getting into the water. Be careful not to lose the o-rings between the unions and pump housing. These are the knobs personne top of the hot tub that allow allure to mix with the water coming out of your jets. Just be sure not to use any old household cleaner or soap.

Video: 4 Easy Steps to Hot Tub Water Care