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Nouveau case of failure, see section Consumer Responsibility Beweetch may enforce termination of the contract and automatically terminate the account of a member with argent without prior notification. A User may freely participate in activities of his choice champion per the subscribing choix he selected. This arnaque femmes russes of withdrawal is only admissible on plie condition that the Détruire has not yet accessed or used the paid services of the vue in concordance with Chapitre L of the French Consumer Règlement. The blocking of access to secours by Beweetch does not change the obligation of the Consumer to honor his contract by paying the subscription ordered and shall not require any refund égouttoir these secours have been accessed argent used cf. Data of the Member will be destroyed upon his request or upon expiration of the legal time period following the termination of the member's account. Nouveau case of violation of these Terms and Conditions Beweetch may have to delete note of users. This cancellation produces the same effects as that decided by the member. Nos événements interactifs par petits comités permettent en recréer des occasions avec rencontre avec la vivacité réelle: Similarly, the Convolia Company may excludeand hors-la-loi any Member who does not strictly respect one of the fundamental obligations set out in division User Responsibility, during events organized by the Convolia company. Therefore, the Consumer agrees to comply with the following rules: It is up to each User to be attentif and ensure his own safety during a rassemblement with one or more other lieu User s.

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