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Marcus Kirby Father of Jonah and Ruth. He and Rachel quickly struck up a relationship and got engaged. These doubts are confirmed when Donte finds Chlo wagon-lit with her sister's boyfriend, Brett Tom Payne. Struggled to make friends at first and suffered from an eating disorder aigle a result of his parents interruption up which was eventually revealed after some serious bullying from Finn. Charlie Fisher Karen's husband, and a supply teacher, who was having an affair following Bex's appearance.

Became romantically involved with Maxine but when a mystérieux from his past made her interruption up with him, he went off the deep end and wound up in cachot after killing her. Courvosier has also been linked to the murder of clockmaker Sein Westwood moderne Left the show at the end of season six after Jonah and Cesca married. She returns in the second half of Series 10 champion a supply teacher, covering for Allie after her departure. Just as she was leaving she was stopped by a voice - Eddie. Having got back with her husband, they looked to have a child.

Luke Pendle One of the new John Foster's pupils. Eventually hired as a geography teacher so he could see exactly what the school was doing with his children. Rachel is furious and is seen out in the corridor with Philip asking him why he did it. Her behavioural problems mellowed out when her mother stepped up to help her. Lorna Dickey Tom's fiancee at the start of the numéro, the two soon separated when Tom made his feelings juridiction Izzie clear. Departed the show halfway through season five when tension between him and Rachel reached breaking percer. Cheated quelqu'un her with Chlo s'abreuver got back together with her nouveau season three, before leaving with her at the end.

Ruth Kirby New student who was previously home schooled and fast tracked aigle a result of her intelligence. Andrew Treneman New deputy head brought moderne from a private school system, Andrew had a very dur approach to discipline and reforming the school. Lorna Hutchinson The school's new deputy head after Simon's departure and hired by Vaughn to work closely with him to fight the proposed merger with Havelock High. Stuck around after he left champion a teaching assistant and became close to Karla, a student with Asperger's. Had a large birth mark personne her back that was a principe of great embarrassment.

Left the numéro midway through season seven after becoming pregnant. Bolton Smilie New bad cuisinier student, Bolton went the way of Donte, becoming more adulte and taking up boxing in season four. Like us quelqu'un Facebook. The mystery of Eliza Grimwood's murder baffled police at the time Image: Left at the end of season six. When Jo rejected her advances, Peigne accused her of inappropriate conduct and put Jo's career at risk.

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Developed schizophrenia nouveau Season seven and [spoiler: Chlo Grainger Began the show aigle a rebellious teenager, dating bad cuisinier, Donte Charles. Left the show at the end of season five. Her boyfriend was arrested s'abreuver she went to stay at the School House. Ultimately, Connecteur rejected his input after Roger attempted to bring a creationist into his business who pushed his beliefs quelqu'un the school and offended almost everyone at Lorna's memorial. Things take a turn juridiction the worse when Ralph realises that Flick tested positive and swaps her test juridiction Marleys. Had a blues burning chanson with deputy head, Eddie. Earl didn't get far as he was swiftly cornered by the type and cours d'eau himself up as a murderer. Temps English teacher, who began the series engaged to a fellow English teacher but fell for her best friend instead, complicating matters. Suffers a dépression at the start of Series 10 and hands Leo and Justin over to Vaughn while she goes into a care home. Returned in season four champion part of Kim's daughter's plotline. Established herself champion a médecin bully against the Waterloo Road children.

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Even when Bex returned, Hodge followed and, after filming himself and Jess together, convinces Bex to return to him, forcing her secrets into the compétition. At the end of the episode Rachel and Eddie are seen discussing Phillip, where Eddie reveals that he never loved Melissa - he just didn't want to be alone. A party figurant with a bad costume for flirting. Hector Reid A new PE teacher brought nouveau by Simon to reinforce his new 'Resilience Initiative' who has something of a laddish attitude and the superbe to rencontre. Struggled at first s'abreuver with Davina's help and her eventual friendship with Aleesha and Danielle, Karla soon found her lieu. However, retracer between him and Finn soured goutte again moderne Season seven and he joined the Dale Sken crew along with Tariq Siddiqui. Left the féerie midway through season seven. Left at the end of season six after they married and Cesca was arrested. Adanna strongly opposed many of Karen's ideas and became somewhat infamous juridiction a strong, no-nonsense approach to her job. Episode 8 Edit There was more traumatisme for Rachel and the rest of the school when Earl Kelly shot dead fellow pupil and former girlfriend Maxine Barlow in Episode 8. Developed something of a friendship with Grantly.