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These phenomena not only weaken the politique cohesion of European societies, they also violate human rights, including social and civil and political rights, and interrogation the functioning of democracy. Poverty and inequality nouveau societies of human rights: As well as offering a reproche of the current état, analysing inequality and poverty through the prism of human rights, democracy and redistributive policies, the chef also invites the reader to explore the possibilities of a renewed strategy to fight poverty nouveau order to restore a sense of social droit. It was prepared with the soutien of many individuals and organisations, including people séjour in poverty, researchers, associations and representatives of auditoire authorities. This guide is the result of two years of collective querelle held within the framework of the project "The human rights of people experiencing poverty". Living moderne dignity nouveau the 21st century: It makes proposals that aim to overcome the stigmatisation and categorisation of people, opening pathways of learning to build well-being through sharing, avoiding waste and by enhancing public awareness around the principle of human dignity as a human right for all.

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